Video – The Lands of the West, by The Children of Mu

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Live at Bar 4 – 7/12/12

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The Children of Mu live at Bar 4 from 7.12.12. 100% improvised. Recorded with an Optimus CTR-115 Hand Held Cassette Recorder and a Radio Shack 33-306 Microphone.

Steven Husted – Bass
John (Lavibora) Aleman – Guitar
Nick Herman – Percussion
Scott Collins – Guitar
Justin Wierbonski – Drums

Download the whole show for free here.

Featured Track – The Calendar Glyphs

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Justin Wierbonski – Drums
Jeremy Powell – Saxophone / FX
K Paul Boyev – Synths
Rex Shepherd – Guitar / FX
James Bess – Zanzithophone / FX
Adam Deimling – Bass

New track – Comets

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Recorded live to cassette tape on an Optimus CTR-115 and Radio Shack 33-306 microphone on 6/12/12

Justin Wierbonski – Drums, Percussion
Steve Husted – Bass
John Lavibora – Guitar
Matt Giella – Trumpet
Chris Diasparra – Saxophone
Scott Collins – Guitar

Video – Slabs From Patambo

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The People Have Spoken, Sessions 2011 by The Children of Mu is a Hit!

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People from all over the world are loving Sessions 2011!

Read the full reviews and download Sessions 2011 by The Children of Mu for FREE here!

The Children of Mu – Sessions 2011 CDROM

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The Children of Mu is an improvisational musical collective founded by me, drummer – Justin Wierbonski. The concept was to put together a group of musicians in various recording sessions to create a full length album.  My influences were from the 1970s electric period of Miles Davis, the Avant-garde sensibility of Sun Ra and the raw aggressiveness of Hardcore 1980s Punk.

From early Spring to late October of 2011, myself and some of the best and most creative musicians I could find, ended up recording a substantial amount of material. The original idea of making a traditional 40-ish minute album was becoming a daunting task. There was far too much material that I loved, and far too many great moments captured to cut out that much. So the idea of making it a CDROM was born.

The total running time ended up being close to 3 hours and 16 tracks. In addition to the CDROM, the complete project is freely available here to download, or to stream in it’s entirety on the right. The download is the same as you will get on the CDROM, which features all 16 tracks in MP3 format @256 kbps, as well as an additional link provided within to download the entire CDROM in lossless flac format.

Download the entire CDROM for free here!

To purchase the hard copy CDROM inside the USA for $12 postage paid, click here SOLD OUT

International buyers click here to buy the CDROM for $15 postage paid SOLD OUT


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